Saturday, May 30, 2009

She's Got Legs, Part V

After gently but firmly closing the bathroom door behind her, she all but collapsed onto the closed lid of the toilet, clutching the shoes in both hands. They had taken her completely off-guard here in the safety of her dowdy sister’s apartment. She had not been this close to such superior shoes in a long time. How could she have thought she had control over such glorious footwear? Her trip to Payless, which at the time had seemed momentous, was nothing compared to the power of Prada.

She tried to slow her rapidly pounding heart and shallow breathing, but it was no use. All she could do now was enjoy the ride.

Of their own accord, her hands brought the shoes to her breasts to gently rub tiny circles around her nipples with the points of the slingbacks. She sighed, letting her head loll back and sliding her hips out to meet the left shoe on its descent to her pubis. She let it rest there with the slightest pressure, feeling its pulsing power. Blood rushed to her labia and it swelled around her awakening clitoris, aching for more.

It was time to wear the shoes.

With the tiniest bit of regret, she lifted both shoes from her erogenous zones and placed them in front of her on the floor. She wasn’t wearing stockings or even a very flattering skirt, but these were just extras. Her toes traced the sensual lines of the heels, almost seeming to tease them. She leaned over and undid each buckle, opening the shoes to her advances. They were now as ready for her as she was for them.

She started with the right foot, sliding her toe along the extreme curve until it reached the pointed toe at the bottom. It was like a languorous descent into Hell, but she wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Her heel eased into place and the snug feeling was delicious. Her toes were a bit pinched but that made the sensation all the more keen. Jolts of pleasure rippled up the insides of her thighs, meeting at her cunt, now hot and wet. Her trembling hands redid the three buckles one by one. Her right foot was now entirely encased and it was heaven.

It was a beautiful sight to behold—shiny black and sleek. She paused to admire it but needed to quicken her pace. She put on the left shoe more quickly, not wanting to linger over the sensation so much as find the climax that was surely to come.

She raised her skirt up to her hips and stroked the insides of her thighs sending shivers over her whole body. Her breathing came faster. She slid her panties down her hips to the floor to pool around the shoes. They became tangled there for a moment but the shoes quickly dislodged them. They were flicked across the room with a swift kick, leaving a damp mark on the medicine cabinet mirror.

Her fingers stroked her nether lips and they opened to receive their explorations. Her finger started making tiny circles on her clit, feeling it stiffen. Scrumptious fluid sensations traveled through her vagina to her anus turning her thighs into jelly. Her sap was rising and ready to be tapped.

This was not what she really wanted, though. She needed to feel the shoes truly receive her. She needed to have the full embrace of the shoes as they enclosed her.

She stood.

She teetered ever-so-slightly but then felt the ancient power straightening her spine. Sally disappeared and became simply Her. She was a Bond Girl, Cat Woman and Aphrodite rolled into one. She was lust and power. She was ageless beauty and plain old nasty sex.

She needed to see her feet. She took a mirror from the wall and leaned it on the floor, giving her a view of her shoes up to her knees. They were so beautiful and scary. She turned this way and that, getting every angle. She picked up one foot and brought it down forcefully, sending shock-waves up her legs as her juices dripped down her thighs. Yummy.

She stomped a few more times, building to her ultimate climax when the unexpected happened. Her shoe came down on a small Power Ranger action figure cluttering the bathroom floor. It threw off her rhythm but the orgasm that came at that moment obliterated any concern about broken toys. It swept her away so completely that she almost blacked-out. She caught herself when she collapsed but not before her knee loudly hit the floor.

Her sister gave a few rapid knocks on the door. “Are you OK?” she asked in her squeaky concerned voice. “You’ve been in there a while and I heard something fall.”

“I’m fine,” Sally managed to croak out. “I tripped on a toy. I’ll be right out.”

She was still dizzy but had only a little time to pull herself together. She was amazed at how powerful her orgasm had been and more than a little scared. She searched for the toy she had stepped on and found a practically pulverized red Power Ranger ground into the bathroom tiles. “I guess that’ll teach those brats to leave their toys around,” she muttered, smugly pleased with her destruction of the tiny super-hero.

She sat on the floor and reached down to remove the shoes. They were still lovely but it was time to go. She wasn’t sure what she was feeling about the encounter, but she knew that part of it was shame and she had to get the shoes away from her. She foisted herself up hoping that her trembling legs would support her and searched for her panties, which were stuck to the side of the sink as if glued there. She balled them up and shoved them into a pocket, not wanting to put the cold damp things back on.

Practically ripping the door off its hinges, she raced out of the bathroom, threw the shoes into her sister’s hands and out the front door. She had to get out of there and the shocked look on her sister’s face wasn’t helping.

“I don’t feel well…gotta go,” she explained barely stopping to put on her old frumpy crocs. “Thanks for the make-over,” she threw over her shoulder. “I’ll call you later.”

Melissa just stood there for a minute, trying to process Sally’s sudden change of demeanor. She had tried to understand and help her sister, but she was just odd, that was all there was to it. Maybe she should invite her to her knitting group. She spent too much time alone.

She decided to just shrug it off and went to see what toy had been destroyed by her careless sister and which of her darling children she would need to placate that night.

to be continued…

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